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Polyimide Pad 12V 24v Kapton Heater PI Heating Film

  • Polyimide Pad 12V 24v Kapton Heater PI Heating Film
  • Polyimide Pad 12V 24v Kapton Heater PI Heating Film
  • Polyimide Pad 12V 24v Kapton Heater PI Heating Film
Model No.︰BM300
Brand Name︰Karefonte
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰5 pc
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Product Description

The polyimide heating film is composed of the heater made of nickel chromium and flame retardant materials which is high temperature resistance and eco-friendly. It is with the advantages of thinness, lightness, small thermal capacity, high power density, high temperature resistance, eco-friendly and flame retardant. Polymide film is a kind of transluceeent insulation material with high dielectric strength. It would be a better choice when you use it at a limited space and weight or it needs contacting vacuum, oil or other chemical materials.



  1. Thin and soft texture, good bending, and the shape can be customized according to your equipment; 
  2. With the characteristics of uniform heating and faster heating rate;
  3. Excellent chemical corrosion resistance;
  4. Long service life. The service life is 10 times of the traditional electric heating element;
  5. Power control precision, within the range of ±5%; 
  6. Thermal conversion rate as high as 98%, compared to the conventional heating element energy saving more than 30%


  1. Diagnostic Medical Device: heating sample tray reagent bottle, etc.;
  2. Heating satellite element;
  3. Airplane engine heaters and aerospace industry;
  4. Test or analog integrated circuit;
  5. Outdoor electronic device like card reader and LCD;
  6. Keep constant temperature in the sub instrument.


Technical Data:

Temperature Range: -50200, Maximum temperature of heating pad with adhesive: 130

Material: polyimide film

Resistance: ±10%ak±0.5Ω

Dielectric Strength: 1000Vrms

Minimum Bending Radius: 0.8mm


Price Terms︰FOB/CIF/EXW
Payment Terms︰TT / Western Union / Paypal
Lead Time︰after payment 4~6 working day
Standards Certificate︰ISO9001, RoHS , REACH
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